Hi! My name is Anisha Grimmett and I can’t wait to meet you!
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“It was a lot of fun! Very eye opening with a bountiful number of aha’s. It was a great experience. All part of my journey of transcending into the best version of myself!”

Fashion is my passion

I love getting to empower women through one of my favorite things, style.
All the shopping I get to do is pretty great too.

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to becoming a personal stylist


20 + years of corporate experience

With over two decades of diverse corporate experience spanning Engineering, Corporate Strategy, and HR Talent Development, I bring a unique perspective to personal styling. My journey began as an engineering intern at a leading Aerospace Company, where I gradually climbed the ranks to roles such as Engineering Manager, Cost Account Manager, EA to the Business President, and HR Talent Development Associate.

Navigating through various job roles, I discovered the importance of maintaining a professional appearance while staying true to oneself. Over the years, I honed the art of dressing for success, realizing the power of presentation in making a lasting impression. I firmly believe that by investing effort into all aspects of your career, including your wardrobe choices, you can unlock your fullest potential.


Lifelong passion for style and empowering others

Driven by a lifelong passion for style and empowering others, I’ve always been guided by a desire to make a positive impact. From a young age, I knew I wanted to help others, which led me to pursue careers and community work centered around empowerment. In engineering, I found creative ways to improve lives through technology. In talent development, I focused on helping individuals realize their full potential. Through my work in student success, I witnessed the ripple effect of empowerment on communities. Now, as a stylist, I believe in the transformative power of looking and feeling good, instilling confidence in every client I serve.


Blending experience and fashion – decision to launch

Combining my background in engineering, nonprofit leadership, and a passion for fashion, I launched my personal styling business. While directing a nonprofit aimed at guiding high school students, I uncovered my own unexplored passion for fashion. Recognizing an opportunity to blend my skills, I embarked on a journey to empower individuals through style. With a meticulous eye for detail honed through my engineering background, I craft strategic personalized wardrobes that reflect each client’s unique personality. My goal is to go beyond trends, fostering confidence and authenticity in everyone I work with.